Hello Tagboard team! Meet your new Head of Design.
Chris Wallace
My name is Chris Wallace. I'm a design leader and former agency executive of 11 years.
Here are three facts about me you won't find on my résumé:
I have three kids. My oldest daughter is a freshman at Texas A&M University
I beat cancer at the tender age of twenty
One of my favorite hobbies is playing competitive Overwatch
Here are five achievements I am most proud of after twenty years in design.
I've built design teams from zero to ten and five to 20+, growing design culture from the roots and as an emerging discipline in an engineering-focused org.
At 10up, my XD team led design for multiple widely-used digital products—the largest being for 27 million licensed drivers of the State of California.
I spent eleven years working as part of top-tier executive teams culminating in multiple successful exits.
I helped pioneer Emmy-nominated second screen apps for Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and more.
I bootstrapped a web3 startup that drove $2.5 million in revenue within six months and financed the planting of one million trees in sub-Saharan Africa.

How I approach work

Don't fear failure, fear stagnation. Effective leaders define vision & inspire teams to work together towards it.
Designers shouldn't just learn to code, they should leverage AI to learn, grow, and supercharge their capabilities.
Hire people to work on things they enjoy, push them toward uncomfortable challenges, and they will grow into the opportunities they deserve.
Culture is shaped by what you promote, discourage, discipline, and reward. Establish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines to perpetually improve it.
Employees are no longer "loyal" to an employer by default. Treat people well, establish a relationship of trust and respect. That's how loyalty is earned.
Fight the urge to compartmentalize every function of a business. Specialization is necessary in some areas but beware of the beaurocracy and territorial defensiveness that arises as a result.
Why hire me? I believe I'm uniquely suited to help solve the challenges you'll face as a company that innovated first through engineering now looking to infuse design into your DNA.
I have the relevant experience with digital product design in publishing, media, and entertainment you need to successfully do just that.
Lastly, I'm excited to bring my agency experience to Tagboard. I'm used to a fast-paced, competitive environment where clients demand top-notch service and quality in all areas. I build teams who thrive in these conditions and leverage an extensive global network of creatives from many different backgrounds.
Let's make 2024 a banner year for Tagboard. Reach out