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We’ve been hard at work on a new theme at UpThemes called Worldview. This theme is the result of months of hard work, tweaking and refining the design to pixel perfection. My goals for the Worldview theme were simple:

1. Make it easy to publish beautiful content.

With Worldview, our main priority was to offer a theme that can truly stand out as a work of art without being packed with gaudy options and a bloated codebase. The beautiful typography and photography elements offer a sophisticated appearance that can enhance the impact of your posts and stories.

2. Make it easy to browse content quickly.

example-browseWhen designing this theme, we wanted to challenge ourselves to build a theme that would encourage readers to keep browsing articles and moving from post to post. The result is an experience inspired by other websites and apps, most notably and ESPN’s SportsCenter iPhone app. Each experience offers the user a relevant headline at the end of the current story, which can be clicked or dragged upward to move straight into the next article.

3. Make it easy to customize.

Another priority of ours was to ensure that users are able to easily swap out colors and modify the theme as needed. The problem with most theme style options is that they offer limited control over your theme colors and also introduce additional CSS that is either injected directly into every page or added as an additional CSS file that must be loaded by the browser.

With our new style generation method, we use Sass (and the handy scssphp) to generate the theme’s style.css file. This gives you better control over your theme styles and allows WordPress to load just one CSS file for the end user for the Worldview theme, providing users with the fastest experience. In addition, we are able to bake in styles that automagically detect color lightness and display light or dark text on top of those colors, based on the lightness threshold. That means you can select white or black and our color styles will adjust themselves accordingly! Yes, it’s pretty cool.

The Bottom Line

The Worldview theme is a beautiful 2- or 3-column blog with all the features you need to for a blog founded on gorgeous typography and enhanced with striking photography. If you’d like your very own copy, go ahead and buy the Worldview WordPress theme today.

So apparently my former hosting company decided to delete my hosting account without telling me. Fortunately, I had already migrated our important sites to a new host, but I did lose all the content from my personal site. I was sort of planning to refresh my blog anyway, so it appears to be serendipitous. Make sure to keep an eye on my blog, as I will be posting all sorts of nuggety tidbits of knowledge on running a design/dev shop, home automation, McKinney, Texas, the St. Louis Cardinals, and much more. Stay tuned, y’all!